History of Asopalav - India's Most Trusted Indian Ethnic Wear Brand

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‘Once upon a time’…

would be a great way to start the interesting brand story of the inimitable Asopalav.
There were 4 friends, who believed in each other. They came together, and made a decision that changed the course of their lives. Moving out of their home turf, belying conventional norms, they created Asopalav – a business that was as fresh and fertile as its name.
In Gujarati language, Asopalav means the Ashoka tree – the resplendent, evergreen tree that is symbolic of freshness, revival and good health. Asopalav, a leader in Indian ethnic and fashion apparels’ production and merchandising, also stands for these core qualities.
A simple suiting & shirting and sarees shop in Gujarat’s small town Patan was initiated in 1968. But, it was not what they desired! With back-breaking hard work and amazing enterprise, the friends warmed up to conquer bigger and better frontiers. In the year 1975, came a giant step. They moved to Gujarat’s (as well as India’s) entrepreneurial capital Ahmedabad to set up a retail store in Ratanpole area – the legendary business hub of the bustling city. And, the rest is, well, history!
Formed of sweat, sheer diligence and an acute grip on the market’s pulse, Asopalav was born. Started as a small business with an innovative thought process that was definitely ahead of its times, brand Asopalav was, hence, built – brick to brick, achieving milestones after milestones. Strategies changed, revenues spiraled, business grew and the brand was fostered, nurtured and grown.
Today, Asopalav is a name to reckon with – in Indian ethnic and fashion segment in Gujarat. It is growing consistently, thanks to its cornerstones of great quality, amazing customer service/ recall and insistence on authenticity.
Now, the second generation entrepreneurs of this enviable business family are the ones who work continually to carry forward the business legacy their ingenious fathers had set up. Credited for bringing in novel perspectives, new product strategies, designer lines and contemporary practices to the business, the new blood ensured that the brand attained an iconic state, at least in its home state of Gujarat.
Asopalav is one of the most trustworthy names, when it comes to bespoke bridal and wedding ensembles. Kallidorah is their sub-brand, dedicated to creating princely wedding stories with its hand-crafted, stunning designer creations.
No wonder, most Gujaratis never forget to make their mandatory stop at one of the 4 Asopalav outlets, whenever they wish to buy high quality and fashionable outfits. The business thrives on many such delighted, repeat customers, who refuse to leave behind their Indian heritage, even when they move to foreign shores. NRI and NRG communities are avid fans of the brand.