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Why We Love the Cold Shoulder Blouse Designs?

Cold shoulder trend is surely here to stay! We are in love with this cute peek-a-boo style, and we know you are too.Fashion is a religion, a community, a ritual! In the ever-changing world of scintillating glamour, where the influential ones walk around in all their glory flaunting styles that are instantly emulated by millions of people – we can say that today the world breathes fashion.

No wonder there is so much happening in this eclectic domain all the time. New trends hit the stands every now and then – and while some are embraced, some surely are fads that fizzle out soon. The ones that last longer are the ones that find a common connect and have a mass appeal. Designers are always on a lookout for such evergreen trends.
Playing around with silhouettes, designers recently revived a popular 80s cult-trend – that of cut-out sleeves. And, it has really caught on! Popularly known as Cold Shoulder now, this one has made quite a stir, spreading across almost every category of clothing. The cold-shoulder style is characterized by a cut-out (that shows off the bare skin) on the shoulder and arm.
A raging trend these days, it is to be seen everywhere – and how! From Duchess Kate Middleton to Hollywood style icons like Emma Watson and Bollywood divas like Alia Bhatt and Aishwarya Rai, the cold-shoulder style has been embraced and adorned by fashionistas and even the commoners with ardency, which suggests that this style is here to stay!
When this style has become so popular, how can it not have inspired the Indian fashion designers! From sari blouses to Anarkali suits, tunics and even bridal collections, you can find sensuous and sweet-sour pepper of the cold-shoulder designs in almost all kinds of Indian ethnic outfits. Be it the festive outfits, casual or even formals – the peek-a-boo appeal of a cold shoulder or cut-out sleeve is ruling the trend charts in every clothing category.
If you’re a fashion-conscious women and do not have a cold-shoulder outfit, then you ought to have one right away! Here are some reasons why cold-shoulders are so adorable.

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1. The Girly Factor :

The cold-shoulder style gives a typical girly, youthful, Bohemian feel, with the sleeves falling delicately over your upper arm. This style looks best on flowy outfits, bell sleeves, ruffles and flares. So, if you’re one of those girly girls then you ought to give that cold-shoulder a shot! And, even if you are not – this one must not be missed for its retro, casual vibe.

2. Glam Without Revealing Too Much :

A cold-shoulder outfit only has a cut-out on the upper arm. It’s neither about a deep neckline or anything that gets a bit too much. The style is not revealing at all, and looks appealing in all its modesty. Yet the little show of flesh can be very glamorous and stylish!

3. Flab? No worry :

You need a well-toned figure for tubes, cami outfits, bodycon dresses and for most of the other sensuous silhouettes. Well that’s not the case in a cold-shoulder design. It does not highlight the flab (if any) on your shoulders and arms. So, no matter how insecure or worries you are about a little extra jiggly bit on your arms or upper torso, you can flaunt this one effortlessly.
To keep your wardrobe on-trend, start stocking up on this not-to-be-missed feature – which can easily be added to all sorts of dresses and attires.
Invest in a midi dress, a black/white and a bright coloured crop top for your casual wardrobe. For your ethnic collection, a skirt and crop-top set and a readymade designer cold-shoulder sari blouse is a wardrobe must-have. For your cousin’s wedding, get the cold-shoulder edge by incorporating the look in your wedding lehenga choli. Kurtis and festival salwar suits too must sport some of this! Lovely ladies, given the prevalent craze for this one, we are pretty sure that this style is definitely not going anywhere – any time soon! So, make sure you have enough of these cut-out wardrobe staples.
Keep looking gorgeous.