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Modish Clutch Bags: The Ultimate Style Statement

When it comes to styling, every minute detail matters. Add extra zing to your casual, festive and wedding looks with the right statement clutch!

Hello fashionistas! So you spend a lot of time tracking down the latest fashion trends, checking out malls and online stores and observing what the haute girl in town is wearing! But, do you really work to curate a unique personal style. We all wish to look good, but following fads blindly is never going to help you win the fashion game. Remember that fashion changes but the style is eternal! It is an individual thing – and you should try to cultivate it.

Up Your Accessories’ Game

The combination of trendy apparels, accessories, make-up and hair-dos is great, but unless you add your personal spice to it, unless it reflects your inner self, your choices – and every tiny nuance of yours – it’s not your own Style Statement. Accessories are a great way to build this personal style, and bags are undeniable fashion tools, you can’t afford to miss!

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Bag It Up!

Bags come in different varieties like slings, tote bags, back-packs, clutches and many more. For years, there was a preference for neutral colored bags, because women used to focus more on the functionality of this accessory. Neutral hued bags like the ones in black, tan, beige, off-white or brown would go with almost every outfit.

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Carry that Clutch

While larger ones were used for formal and casual outings, totes for offices and running errands – the use of clutch bags and box clutches was limited to weddings, functions and red carpet events. However, there has been a tremendous change in this – and the use of clutches has extended to casual outings and even day-to-day use too.
Clutch, as the name suggests, refers to a bag or ladies’ purse that can be held (clutched) easily in a palm. The clutch bags, these days, may come in tons of shapes and sizes, but it initially was meant to ‘fit into a normal palm’. These small bags may not be able to hold a lot of stuff, but they complete and finish off a look pretty nicely.
Clutches that were previously available mainly in shimmery golden and silver with studded stones (given their use for formal parties and weddings) are now available in a number of sizes, colors, textured materials, and details. Judith Lieber is an internationally acclaimed brand that has creatively crafted clutch bags in intricate three dimensional shapes of temples, animals, flowers and a variety of objects. Most prêt brands, designers and accessories manufacturers also make spiced up clutches – keeping in tune with modern day preferences and fashion trends.

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Sharp and Edgy

Clutches tend to give a crispy touch to any ensemble. Since they are fuss-free and snug – they appear smart and suave, and can suit various occasions. From Sarees, Lehengas to the western-wear and fusion outfits, clutches can be adapted to suit all kinds of occasions. These days, clutch bags come with a detachable chain that can convert the accessory into a sling bag.
Most of these little wonders may not be practical or roomy enough to hold a lot of stuff – they, nonetheless, are great for quick perk-me-up make up essentials, your phone and some cash/ cards. Add these – and you are good to go!

Ethnic Clutch Bags

For traditional and fusion outfits, there is a huge variety of fabric-covered clutches available in the market. Raw silk, velvet and synthetic fabrics, and even brocade and Banarasi fabrics are usually used to create ethnic clutch bags and box clutches. These fabrics are embellished with zardosi, stone and bead embroidery to give them an ethnic touch. Alternatively, printed fabrics are also used by designers to make statement clutch bags. High end designers create their signature accessories by using unique baubles to adorn their collection. Box clutches is another trending variant these days. Box clutches made out of semi precious stones and mother-of-pearl is a sought-after accessory by the high-end segment! Actress Sonam Kapoor rocked the red carpet in a white and blue outfit, as she carries a subtle white colored box-clutch at the Cannes Film Festival, 2017.
If you’re styling your look for a daytime outing, opt for a clutch in printed/ textured jacquard fabric. While shimmery ones still rule the roost for weddings and Indian functions, subtler embroidered ones would look great for cocktail parties and formal evening soirees. You can also add a contemporary touch to your traditional ensembles by adding a metallic or completely stone studded one. From subtle to bling, you can play around with different colors and patterns to create different looks as per the occasion and your individual style.
It’s amazing how a little bag can amp up your overall look and style quotient! Choose the right clutch today and keep looking gorgeous!